About my Papier Mache Objects

Making a Cup & Saucer

I model a cup and saucer by layering pieces of glued paper (usually newspaper) around ceramics covered in cling film to prevent sticking. After about 7 layers the papier mache is cut away from the mould, more layers are applied and handles made and fixed if necessary. Even then there is more to do before I can begin decorating it…

Guest Window

In June 2014 I was invited to take over the Guest Window at Priddy Essentials, Uppingham for two weeks. At the time I had an injured knee and was fairly immobile so my husband Michael did the window dressing for me and made a great job of it.


The Cataract Collection

2014 was a tricky year; as well as The Knee I had to wait a while for a cataract op. Fine detail and subtlety became far too challenging (and frustrating) so I adopted a bolder style.

Truly Mod

This year I'm taking inspiration from my teenage fashion drawings. So glad I kept them! The originals are simply done in pencil so I'm really enjoying conjuring up those vibrant colours of the 1960s.

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